Friday, January 15, 2010

Object Lesson: Priorities

I am all about object lessons. As a visual learner, seeing things helps me better understand and remember information. Several years ago, my good friend Tona did an object lesson for the Jr High small group we were leading together. Little did I know that day how much that lesson would impact my life.

The lesson materials included a large glass vase, 3 or 4 ornament-size balls, a bag of small pebbles and some sand. Tona demonstrated what happened when she first filled the vase with the sand and then the rocks. The balls did not fit. She started the process again. This time, Tona placed the large balls in the vase first. She then added the pebbles, followed by the sand. Guess what? It all fit! The lesson . . . when we daily put the "big things" in our lives first, everything else falls into place.

What a great lesson! I began thinking about what those "big things" needed to be in my life. I eventually figured out that having quiet time with God, living a healthy lifestyle (diet and exercise), and keeping a clean home were the "big things" I needed to put first in my life. This is where my Tresolution (3 year plan) came into play.

How does it all work? My quiet times with God have given me perspective on life. I am reminded of who God is and His plans for me. Living a healthier lifestyle has increased my energy and strength to live out what God has called me to do. My hope is that decluttering and organizing my home will eliminate some of the distractions that material possessions can cause and allow our family to be better stewards of what we are given. As an added bonus, improvements in each of these areas has great potential to positively impact my family.

I want to serve God with all that I am and all that I have. When my day begins to fall apart, I remember that object lesson and ask myself the question . . . What's in my vase?

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